• Personalized Baby Bling Strasing


    We Bling/Strass EVERYTHING. Please send in exact information of what you would like to have done.  For example if you want an adult pair of Convers completely strassed in Pink Swarovski crystals with pink satin laces. Make those choices and add any additional individual characteristics that you would like added to the item in detail.  You purchase the item and we will Bling/Strass it.  If you do not live in the Kansas City area, we can invoice you for the item in advance. SEND ALL REQUESTS TOFREEINDEEDTRASURES@GMAIL.COM

    1. Item-Adult Athletic Shoe, Adult Dress Shoe, Adult Wedding Shoe, Adult Tutu, Adult non worn intimates, Child Athletic Shoe, Child Dress Shoe, Pacifier, Onesie, Child Outfit, Child Tutu, Child Coat, Child Sweater, Child Backpack, Child Pencils/Pens, Coffee Cup, Coffee Mug, Closed Coffee Container, Water Bottle, Starbucks Frappe Cup, Animal Sweater/Jacket, Animal Collar. Just about anything can be Strassed/Blinged.
    2. Crystals-Resin, Glass, Swarovski
    3. Crystal Color, Clear, Clear AB, all colors and most colors can be purchased in AB
    4. Personalization Information


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